Mag. Dejan Židan

The idea that unites us is the society

which gives opportunities and benefits all people.

Such society has a name:

social democracy.

Mag. Dejan ŽidanPresident of Social Democrats

Social democracy.

This is the idea of the society which

  • allows a person to live a decent life and develop all his/her potentials, helps strengthen and implement them, while ensuring safety and equal opportunities for all;
  • allows everyone to live their life in their own way, according to their own desires and aspirations, in a tolerant community that supports individual’s uniqueness;
  • promotes healthy entrepreneurship and competition, but with strong solidarity and offering help when needed;
  • thinks about tomorrow and the opportunities of future generations, and therefore carefully manages natural resources and cares about a sustainable healthy living environment.

This is what Social Democrats are for.

For the people. For them we work.

Social democracy

is a way of life.

The possibility that anyone can create a full and happy life with their work, knowledge and creativity, and share it with the community in which they live.

We see Slovenia. We see 100% of its potential.

Social Democrats believe that there are great opportunities ahead of Slovenia. Our job is to make them true in order to create sustainable benefits for the entire community, for all people.

We see these opportunities in Slovenia’s natural conditions and resources, in the beauty of this country and the green environment. In the geographical position at the crossroads of important European routes. In knowledge and innovation so that our economy responds to the needs of global markets. We see a lot of creativity and ingenuity. Lots of good ideas. We recognize opportunities in a well organized society that sets its goals with confidence. In the community that provides basic security for human dignity for all people. We see Slovenia. We see 100% of its potential. Realize them together.